Thursday, November 1, 2007

Reba was Downtown Recently

The new photos I posted here of Reba and Tom are from her recent visit downtown. It was great to see her. Tom had her lying on a mat, with a coat and a blanket on. She really seem to enjoy everyone stopping to visit. She also sported a very cute pink collar with her name spelled out in rhinestones.

Reba looked a little thinner than the last time I saw her in the summer, but she was quite energetic and started barking a lot. Tom said he gives her plenty of treats so she can regain her weight that was lost.

Seeing her again doing very well gave me a sense of satisfaction and closure.


Karla said...

I just missed getting to see Reba - my worksite moved, and so I passed by Tom and Reba's corner on Halloween, and Tom said he'd had her with him the day before. Sorry that I missed her, but it was great getting to talk w/ Tom again... He said she is really doing great, her appetite is back, and that she LOVED getting to see her downtown friends again. He said she started barking up a storm when she saw him getting her cart out! Maybe we will have another warm day or two and she can make a return trip! Tom also told me how much he appreciated everything that EVERYBODY had done for Reba and for him - and he had especially kind words for the Chicago Humane Society folks (and for good reason!).


Denise Copening said...

Karla -

Sorry you missed Reba. I can e-mail you if I hear of when she'll be downtown again. I don't want to make it too public since I'm concerned for Reba's safety.