Monday, October 22, 2007

Refunds for Donations to Find Reba Fund Available through 11/30/07

If you contributed to the Find Reba Fund at Harris Bank 99 West Washington via check and would like a refund, please contact me at by 11/30/2007. Refunds are being offered since this account was established for finding Reba. I am sorry, but refunds cannot be provided for cash donations.

Since Reba was found, the plan is to provide Tom Finley with the money from the account less any refunds.

To donate money to Tom Finley directly, make checks payable to Tom Finley and send to:
Kathy Harrod Oak Ridge Investments 10 S LaSalle Suite 1900 Chicago, IL 60603

The Anti Cruelty Society provided a safe haven for Reba's return and potentially life saving surgery to Reba. They are also providing free veterinarian care for Reba for life. She had her stitches out last week and continues to do well.

To donate to the Anti Cruelty Society, go to:

Thanks to everyone for their concern, search efforts, and to those who donated. Thanks also to Barbara for the Reiki healing for Reba.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Reba's Tumor is Benign

I received the good news that Reba's tumor is benign. She has been recovering well from surgery.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes. Thanks also to Barbara for applying Reiki healing techniques. I think of all of these have been helping Reba to heal.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reba Improving

A link to a WBBM article today about Reba's health is below: ?

Here's an encouraging quote from the article: 'Dr. Gene Mueller, president of the Anti-Cruelty Society, says 14-year-old Reba had her spleen and a tumor removed last Friday. "We did see some good news on the referral surgeon's report that at least we didn't see any obvious signs of spread from the mass in the spleen."In other words, Dr. Mueller says even if the pathology report shows cancer in the spleen, the prognosis for Reba seems good.'

Tom said he will get the pathology report Friday and she will have her stitches out in about 10 days. He said her incision is very long on her abdomen but the stitches are done very well. He could not stay long since he had to go back home and take care of Reba. Overall, he was relieved to have her back but concerned about her health and recovery. This morning, she was drinking lots of water but not wanting to eat - only taste. By this afternoon, Reba wanted to stay outside and play and started eating. Way to go, girl!

Reba Came Home 10/9

Everyone - thanks for your warm wishes for Reba's recovery.

Reba did come home from her surgery yesterday. I have not heard what her prognosis is or how she is doing.

I am hoping to see Tom this morning if he is not home with Reba. I would like to pass on to him the messages from Reba from the Animal Communicator (Barbara) who practices Reiki. Overall, Reba wants Tom to know she loves him very much and they are a team.

I will post what I find out here about how Reba is doing.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Reba Recovering from Surgery

Reba woke up around 3pm today from her surgery. Tom will be called again later tonight with an update.

Barbara, an Animal Communicator, has volunteered her services pro bono to contact Reba, with Tom's permission. She has been in touch with Reba. Reba is on the Reiki List for healing energy and a positive outcome. Whether you believe in animal communication and/or Reiki, it is comforting to know that positive energy is being focused on Reba and so many care about her.

As I receive updates on Reba's condition, I will provide updates on this blog.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Message Regarding Lab Puppies was a Hoax

I apologize to the people who have visited this blog in the past to whom I forwarded an e-mail about Lab puppies needing a home. I found out from a Chicago Dachshund Lovers Group posting today that the message about the puppies is a hoax started this September. I'm sorry if you spent more than a small amount of time on this. I'll think twice before I pass on these messages in the future.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reba to have surgery Friday, October 5

Reba will have her surgery on Friday. Let's keep Tom and Reba in mind. They have such a sweet bond of love.

When I find out how she's doing, I'll post it here.

Reba, we love you and hope you will be on the road to recovery soon.