Sunday, February 10, 2008

Update on Tom and Reba

I saw Tom last Friday. He looked warm in a parka someone has donated to him. He said Reba is doing very well. She had her 13th birthday on January 6.

He was talking to me about how much he likes Johnny Cash. Someone had given him a DVD of a movie Johnny was in in 1982. Tom also went on to say how much he liked Johnny Cash's show and all of the different musical acts.

Tom is continuing on his high blood pressure meds. He says his medicine is delivered. He seems to be doing well.

Reba's vet care is covered completely. He says her limp is better on her meds. She continues to do well and is very playful.

It seems that Tom could still use donations to help make ends meet. Please donate to the Harris Bank account or to Kathy Harrod on Tom's behalf.


Karla said...

Thanks so much for the update on Tom and Reba. Now that I'm not working in the Loop, I have not had a chance to see Tom (not since November). I've been hoping that this brutal winter weather wasn't causing problems for Tom and Reba. It is wonderful to hear that Reba recovered from her surgery - she is the same age as my oldest Basenji (who turned 13 in November) - two spunky old gals! Thanks too, for the reminder that Tom could still use some $$ assistance. I am going to send a check off to Kathy on Monday... : )

Karla & the New World Basenjis

Denise Copening said...

Karla -

Thanks for your interest in Tom and Reba. I worry about them, too, especially with this brutal winter. Tom had Reba with him last week. She was in the cart behind his bicycle all bundled up. She looked good and enjoyed the passers by.