Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reba Improving

A link to a WBBM article today about Reba's health is below: ?

Here's an encouraging quote from the article: 'Dr. Gene Mueller, president of the Anti-Cruelty Society, says 14-year-old Reba had her spleen and a tumor removed last Friday. "We did see some good news on the referral surgeon's report that at least we didn't see any obvious signs of spread from the mass in the spleen."In other words, Dr. Mueller says even if the pathology report shows cancer in the spleen, the prognosis for Reba seems good.'

Tom said he will get the pathology report Friday and she will have her stitches out in about 10 days. He said her incision is very long on her abdomen but the stitches are done very well. He could not stay long since he had to go back home and take care of Reba. Overall, he was relieved to have her back but concerned about her health and recovery. This morning, she was drinking lots of water but not wanting to eat - only taste. By this afternoon, Reba wanted to stay outside and play and started eating. Way to go, girl!

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