Friday, October 5, 2007

Reba Recovering from Surgery

Reba woke up around 3pm today from her surgery. Tom will be called again later tonight with an update.

Barbara, an Animal Communicator, has volunteered her services pro bono to contact Reba, with Tom's permission. She has been in touch with Reba. Reba is on the Reiki List for healing energy and a positive outcome. Whether you believe in animal communication and/or Reiki, it is comforting to know that positive energy is being focused on Reba and so many care about her.

As I receive updates on Reba's condition, I will provide updates on this blog.


Ula1010 said...

Thanks for the update.
Why not have anyone who has something to offer, help Reba? I do believe in Reiki, and certainly, it can't hurt her, so why not?
I would be interested to hear what the communicator has to say.

Doreenmcrow said...

I passed by Tom and Reba's "spot" this morning - no Tom, kind of worried. Anxiously awaiting news of them both!

Karla said...

I'm also hoping Reba and Tom are doing OK! After a major surgery, Reba will need a goodly amount of TLC and won't be able to be left unattended (probably until sucture's are removed). I've lived through several surgeries w/ my own fur kidz - and the first few days afteward are stresseful...After that, once they start to perk up and act like themselves again, it gets easier. Hopefully we will hear some news soon!

klafran said...

I called Tom this morning; he is bringing Reba home today.