Friday, May 16, 2008

Donations to Tom Finley

Quite a few people have expressed that they would like to donate to Tom finley to help him with his living expenses:
Make checks payable to "Find Reba" c/o Harris Bank 99 West Washington Street Chicago, IL 60602
This is the account I opened to help out in the search for Reba when she was abducted. I have left the account open in case there would be a future need. The account has the minimum balance remaining. Most of the account funds were given to Tom earlier this year to help him with his expenses. A $50 donation was made to the Anti Cruelty Society later.

I will make sure that Tom receives the money that is donated, as I have in the past. Unfortunately, I don't receive any copies of checks. I only will know the aggregate amount deposited that day. If you donate to this account and want your donation acknowledged by Tom, please e-mail me at

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