Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reba Passed Away on 5/4/2008

I am sorry to inform you that Reba passed away on 5/4/2008. She was in the care of the Anti Cruelty Society. Tom could no longer care for Reba, so the Anti Cruelty Society made good on their promise and provided lifetime care.

Reba will be much missed. The staff at the Anti Cruelty Society are quite aggrieved about her passing. They became very attached to her. Over the past few weeks she lost a lot of weight, could hardly eat, and had constant diarrhea. The staff said last weekend was the first time she really showed she was in pain. I thought about her over the weekend quite a bit and now I know why. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever known.

This evening, on the way to the train station, I saw Tom on a corner with his guitar. He told me he knew. He was quite heartbroken. He told me he believes Reba's spirit will come back to him in another dog. He said they told him she just went asleep and asked me for reassurance if that was the case. He will receive her ashes from the Anti Cruelty Society and her collar. I asked him about a memorial service - he just spoke about her ashes. I told Tom that she was first his dog, and then everyone's dog. He agreed and it made him happy.

I visited Reba when she was at the Anti Cruelty Society about a month ago. She was thin and had some trouble getting around, but she seemed happy. The staff at Anti Cruelty isolated her from the other dogs for fear she may catch something due to her frail health. She had 3 beds in the office area. She received a lot of hands on attention. Quite a few people who knew her visited her.

Tom was able to visit Reba recently. He had special lambs lung treat for her he said she enjoyed. She tried to leave with him. The had such a beautiful relationship.

I remember seeing Tom and Reba together for the first time many years ago. Everytime I saw them I experienced a moment of grace.


Karla said...

Reba was lucky to have Tom, and Tom was lucky to have Reba!! It speaks volumes about Tom that - when he wasn't able to care for Reba at home anymore - he allowed her to stay at the Anti-Cruelty Society. He loved her enough to do what was best for her, despite the fact it was very difficult for him. The special bond that Tom and Reba shared was immediately apparent the first time I met them several years ago. My biggest hope is that another special dog will eventually come into Tom's life when he is ready. There will never be another Reba - but Tom has a lot of love to give to a new companion... I hope that the kind folks at the ACS (who were so tremendous to Tom and Reba throughout the last year) might see how good a new friend would be for Tom, and what a loving home Tom can provide with just a little bit of help ...

Goodbye, sweet Reba! It was a real gift to have known you!

Karla & the New World Basenjis

Denise Copening said...

Thanks, Karla. Very nice thoughts. I just saw Tom this morning and he seems to be dealing with it all right. He said he keeps Reba's picture in his guitar case for all to see when he is playing his music.