Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anti Cruelty Society to Mediate Reba's Return and Offer Lifetime Free Vet Care for Reba

Thanks to Karla for pointing out this article in the Chicago Tribune:,1,4488881.story?track=rss

Of particular note in this article are:

"The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago has stepped in to try to reunite Finley and his blond pooch by offering the 30-pound canine a lifetime of free veterinary care."

"Whoever has Reba can contact the Anti-Cruelty Society, located at 157 W. Grand Ave, with no questions asked, he said. The society will even arrange to pick up the dog. Call 312-644-8338."

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Karla said...

I went ahead and wrote a fairly detailed note to the Oprah show, along with links to the ACS article, and several others. Not only is this the story of helping to get Reba back to Tom - it's also the story of Chicagoans really coming together to try to help somebody who truly needs and deserves help. What a cross-section of humanity! Workers of all sorts who frequent the Loop, the bicycle messangers, a church, Harris Bank, the various radio and TV stations, and now, the ACS of Chicago...And of course, if there is a happy reunion, what great TV that would make! I pitched it as best I could (grin!). Maybe others will write, too.... Can't hurt!