Monday, September 24, 2007

Update on Tom and Reba

I just saw Tom this morning at his usual place. Reba was not with him for safety reasons. He is not sure when they will be able to be downtown together again. He said that he would need someone else there to watch her every minute.

As several people suggested here, Reba is having a mico-chip implanted ASAP.

I heard on the radio that Reba is going to the vet tomorrow.

I'll let you know more about how the reward money will be handled as I find out the details since the reward was not claimed.

Thanks so much for your concern for Tom and Reba.


nmc said...

Yipee! I am so glad she is home. I had tears in my eyes everytime I saw Tom without her. Thank heavens the person who took her finally did the right thing. And a heartwarming THANK YOU to everyone who was concerned with Reba's plight. It's nice to know the citizens of Chicago care. Warm fuzzies are nice, and I hope everyone got one when they read Reba was home- where she belonged!

First said...

Are they the two that are always at the corner of Monroe/LaSalle or Madison/LaSalle?

First said...

Nevermind; It's them! For some reason, when viewing this page from my office, the pic of the dog didn't show up.

I walk past the two at least twice every day. The pup hasn't been with Tom for a couple weeks, so I figured she passed. Definitely great news.