Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reba may have cancer

I spoke to Tom yesterday regarding the outcome of Reba's physical exam. He said that they found a mass in her spleen and he decided to let her have surgery. He is confident she will pull through fine. The surgery will be scheduled soon. Tom said the surgery will be performed by a specialist with the Anti Cruelty Society. He said that they use gas for anesthesia for older dogs since it is easier on their systems.

Below is the WBBM coverage regarding Reba's health:

Tom has raved about how nice they have been to him at the Anti Cruelty Society and how helpful they have been in recovering Reba and offering free lifetime veterinary care for Reba. If you would like to donate to the Anti Cruelty Society, go to:

I am sure hoping, as many of you are, that Reba will make a full recovery after the surgery.


jc0430 said...

Our prayers are with them.

Mary said...

Life is funny sometimes. If Reba was never stolen in the first place, Tom may never have found out that she had cancer until it was too late. I pray she makes a speedy recovery.

Karla said...

I certainly hope for a good result and quick recovery for Reba. Dogs definitely recover from major surgery more quickly than WE do! It's especially true when they're with "their humans"... and now Reba has Tom to help her mend. Decisions about surgery for older dogs are tough and very personal. I'm VERY glad Tom was given the chance to make that decision himself, with the help of the CACS vets. Whatever the outcome, he knows he made an informed choice so that Reba would not have to suffer pain from the tumor in the future. I'm back working in the Loop now and hope I can make it over some a.m. next week to say "hi!" to Tom myself - I have not seen him for about 8 months...

Denise Copening said...

I agree with Mary and I told Tom the same - had Reba not been taken away, he would not have known and she could have died from it without a chance of fighting it.

As of yesterday morning, Tom was waiting for a surgery time to open. He said any time is good for him. He remains hopeful. He told me about how Reba was enjoying watching tv with him the previous night - she was barking at a very funny Dick van Dyke episode.

Tom has mentioned that Reba remains perky, playful, and has a good appetite.

When I find out when the surgery is scheduled, I will post it here.

brigitte said...


You have done a wonderful thing keeping this blog as a way for all of us to keep up with what is happening with Tom and Reba.

The world is a strange place. Its maybe Karma. Instead of Tom having to pay for this surgery, the CAC will do so - with their expert vets tending to Reba- all as the result of a bad situation. That is luck! In an unexpected way!

Prayers for Reba and Tom.