Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Information Regarding the Reba Fund

There were a lot of questions and discussions today regarding the Find Reba fund. I was asked to call a radio station with the balance in the account. Since the account was opened yesterday afternoon, nothing has been posted to it yet except the beginning balance. All I could safely say is that the reward is now about $500. I have heard about pledged monies of $300 and $1500 but we will need to wait and see what will happen over the next few days.

Regarding the use of the money - the fund is for reward money for Reba's return. Contingency plans for using the money will need to be developed if Reba is not returned.

Just to repeat: If you'd like to donate to the Find Reba fund, please make checks payable to "Find Reba" c/o Harris Bank 99 West Washington Street Chicago, IL 60602.

Your questions and comments on this blog have been very insightful. I'll keep you updated on the fund situation as it unfolds.

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