Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reward set at $500 and Tom Finley and Reba had a lot of Publicity Today

The reward for the return of Reba was set at $500 today. If anyone would like to contribute, please let me know and I can get you in touch with the folks taking the contributions.

It was great to see that the disappearance of Reba is receiving wide coverage. This should increase the chances of recovering Reba. The anticipated article I mentioned yesterday was published today in the Chicago Sun Times. Tom told me this morning he was interviewed on the radio by Lisa. I later saw on the Internet it was at WBBM. A woman in the morning told him that Reba was mentioned on the TV news. Later, Kathy e-mailed me it was Channel 5 and also let me know that Tom was interviewed by Channel 5 today and the air times were 4:30pm and 6:00 pm. I'm hoping that a clip will be available on the Internet.

I have posted the links to these within this and also below for posterity. This blog will be maintained until Reba is found.

When I spoke to Tom this morning, he was more upbeat. I showed him pictures of my dogs and I do believe that he is one of the most tender-hearted persons I have ever met. He truly loves dogs and asked me many questions about mine. Tom fondly recollected that Reba always barks when her picture is taken.

I missed Tom on the way home tonight. It appears he may be just too popular now.

Chicago Sun Times Article,CST-NWS-dog13.article

WBBM Coverage


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