Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tom's story to be in Chicago Sun Times 9/13/07

I spoke to Tom a few times today. He informed me this afternoon that he was interviewed today by a very nice reporter from the Chicago Sun Times. A story about Tom and Reba will be published tomorrow. Tom said the reporter assured him that Reba will be found. He also said that the reporter asked him about Reba's temperament. He told the reporter there couldn't be a sweeter, nicer dog.

I just changed the headline of this blog to include "Reward". I saw this on the smaller flyer Tom had today. Please contact me at this blog if you'd like me to contribute to the reward or help offset some of the costs for this search.

A lady responded to my ad in Craigslist and confirmed the rumor that Crazy Mary abducted Reba. This is only an allegation. If you're not familiar with Crazy Mary, one of her favorite haunts is the Madison Street bridge during morning rush hour as people exit Union Station. She is best known for lashing out at passers by with obscenities. She is white, with shoulder length, slightly wavy dark brown hair. She is probably in her forties. She is very small - somewhere around 5 feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds. I have never seen her wear shoes - she usually just wears socks.

Buy the Sun Times tomorrow to continue following this story.


Ula1010 said...

Oh, no...not Crazy Mary! I've been on the receiving end of her insults before. She hangs out in the loop but I've also seen her in Old Town and in that area by the Dominicks by Cabrini Green. I almost hope it is her because she's easy to spot, and a lot of people know of her.
I'm thinking only the best thoughts about Reba returning to Tom.

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

The story is up:,CST-NWS-dog13.article