Monday, September 10, 2007

Reba Missing Dog Blog

Reba was taken from the corner of Jackson and Franklin in Chicago, Illinois on Friday, September 7th around 3:15 pm. If you have any information on the woman that took her, please call 312.375.9091. This blog is for information that will lead to the safe return of Reba to her owner, Tom.

Reba is a mixed breed, medium size dog about 13 years old. She is currently on medication. She needs to be returned ASAP, please.

Tom and Reba have become regular fixtures in Chicago. They can be spotted during the morning rush hour on Madison Street. Many people will stop and pet Reba. As Tom says, Reba would rather be shown affection than have treats. Tom had recently been hospitalized and Reba was kept by someone until he recovered. Tom looked so forlorn without Reba, as he does now. He is quite distraught over her abduction.

The last time I saw Reba, I petted her and she licked my toes and put her head on my lap. She is such a sweet and docile creature.

Any information regarding her disappearance would be appreciated.

Thanks to Kathy for caring enough to help Tom over the weekend and providing flyers and the photos for this blog.

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