Monday, September 17, 2007

Man Prays For Callback From Suspected Dognapper

I just found this link for the following article with Tom pleading for Reba's return:

I am hoping to have the contact information for donations today.


Karla said...

Hi -

I'm an attorney who often talked w/ Tom and gave pats and treats to Reba when I did contract work in the Loop last year. He may remember me as "The Basenji lady" (I'm on the Board of the Basenji Club of America, and live in Prospect Heights with my Basenjis - Tom and I often discussed their crazy antics!). I just heard this a.m. on the radio that Tom was apparently contacted by the person who has Reba. Has anybody notified Chicago vets about the dog-napping? Reba has HD, and takes (if I'm not mistaken) Rimadyl. This self-appointed "Bad Samaritan" is probably going to have to take Reba to a vet eventually for medication, vaccinations, etc. Of course, if the woman has a car - she could just drive to a suburban vet... (I'll definitely alert mine!) but notifying the City vets closest to the Loop, and asking them to keep the poster up might be worthwhile... Please post the Harris reward info when you have it, and email me at if you think there is something I can do to help from up here in the burbs.... I have been part of the purebred dog community for 20 years, and spend lots of time with "dog people" but the bond between Tom and Reba is very special - even in a world filled with dog-lovers. If there is something I can do to help, I will!

Kyle Orton said...

I'm an accountant working in the Loop, but my fiance and I actually crossed paths with Tom and Reba at the corner of Michigan and Chestnut a few years ago. We stopped to pet Reba and give Tom a couple of bucks. It turns out Tom is from Hazard, KY, which is only about an hour from our hometown. So my fiance now actively seeks out Tom and Reba to give them money/food and we always pull the car over anytime we see their bike and cart downtown.

I think Karla has a great idea with notifying the vets. If the Bad Samaritan cares enough about dogs to steal Reba because she thinks Reba is being mistreated, then I'm guessing she cares enough to get Reba her medicine. And she's obviously knows Reba needs medicine because she had to get Tom's number from one of the stories or articles where her medication is mentioned. Does anybody have an electronic copy of the flyer that they can send me? My email is I'll start forwarding it on to vets in the Chicagoland area.

I also think the press and reward are now even more important. At some point the reward will get high enough to act on that suspicion that your neighbor's new older-looking dog looks very similar to that dog you saw on the news last night. And I think at some point, the Bad Samaritan may get nervous that all the press is going to get her caught. After all, she did commit a crime, whether her intentions were good or not. Has anybody contacted NBC5 about this latest development? I think this latest development with the woman calling Tom has the potential to cause even more of an outrage in the city. Even after she knows Reba is well taken care of and she's seen on the news how Reba's kidnapping is absolutely killing Tom, she's not going to give her back. And I hate to turn this woman into a villain, because I guess she did have good intentions, but I think it maybe the best way to get Reba back to Tom. Please post the Harris Bank reward fund information as soon as possible. I've got several people looking to give money.


Denise Copening said...

Kyle -

I'll make up an electronic copy of the flier and send it to you this evening. thanks for offering to send it to different vets.

Kyle Orton said...

I heard someone mention in a blog that there is a camera at the corner of Jackson and Franklin. I looked briefly this evening and there is definitely one on the 311 S. Wacker building at the southwest corner of the intersection. The building (311 S. Wacker) has a website, so I'm going to send an email to the building management letting them know about the situation and to see if they can check tape from Sept. 7th. Hopefully, they keep tape going back that far.

Mary said...

Kyle -

That is a wonderful idea about the camera! Keep us updated. I can't stop worrying about those two. But at least he had contact with the thief. Is it true that her name is "Crazy Mary"?

brigitte said...

I talked to the building security - the camera only covers the boundaries of the grounds - not across the street to the McDonalds.
Any trace on Toms cell phone to find the caller?

Kyle Orton said...


I think the Crazy Mary suspicions are pretty much done. No way Crazy Mary is calling Tom and telling him she's taking good care of Reba.


I've been assuming that somebody has already considered the tracing idea. I feel pretty sure the woman blocked the number and I believe it would require a subpoena to get the phone records showing where the call came from, if they even called from their own phone. Of course, if she used a pay phone, that might at least narrow down the location. Does anybody know if someone has brought this up to Tom?

Denise Copening said...

They tried to have the phone traced. The woman who provided the phone tried to do this, but as it was stated here, it could not be done.